Star Wars: Knight Errant Pre-release Q and A, Part the Last

Star Wars: Knight ErrantJust hours left! Last weekend, I opened the digital floor to questions touching on the Star Wars: Knight Errant material that’s appeared so far as it relates to the novel; with the book on the shelves on Tuesday, here’s the final batch of answers. Earlier batches of answers are here and here

Claudio do Santos asks:What was your inspiration for the character of Lord Daiman and all that talk of ‘you do not exist’ and ‘I created the universe’? It’s an interesting vision of the Sith Lords.”

Since two of the elements of Sith philosophy are the aggrandizement of self and the debasement of others, I simply took that to a logical extreme. In Daiman’s case, he’s crafted a Sith solipsism that holds that no others exist — and he’s made a case in his own mind for it. I considered what would happen to someone who had those thoughts while growing up — and realizing that, because of the Force, he could alter the rules of reality that others have to deal with. He’d only become more convinced that he was something different from everyone else.

The novel gets into quite a bit of detail on Daiman’s particular weirdnesses, and how they impact the people around him.

Nathan asks:What characters did you draw inspiration from when creating Kerra Holt (ex.: Jaina Solo)?

I don’t think I really drew from specific Star Wars characters to a great degree. I wanted her to be driven and self-assured — and able to function on her own, making her own decisions on the fly. She probably bears more in common with Jedi-era Luke than anyone in the films: She’s got the job, now it’s time for her to go to work.

Heimir asks: “Will the novel be released in audio book form in the future?”

I honestly don’t know — haven’t heard anything about that.

Rule of Two (Star Wars: Darth Bane, Book 2)Shey Tapani asks: “Politicians are more or less scum in Star Wars. Are Jedi Chancellors corrupt politicians too? If they aren’t, then why does the Republic get rid of them after the war?”

The Darth Bane novels get into how the political situation changes, and why; it’s not really in Knight Errant‘s era to address. And since every page of the novel takes place in Sith space, we really see the Republic more through the eyes of outside observers. That was always intentional: Kerra’s story is about where she is, and where her heart is. The Republic was just her alma mater!

And finally, two good questions to end with:

Hirogen Hunter asks: “Let’s say someone who picks up the book just watched the movies. Is this a good book for him to read?”

I think so. Since this era is new to most readers, we do a lot to set the scene and explain the situation.

Anonymous asks: “Will there be a sequel novel to Knight Errant?”

Sequel? I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep! Anything’s possible, of course — but you can help the odds by buying the book and spreading the word!

That’s it! More Q&A will follow a little while after the release. In the meantime, enjoy the book! Click to order the book from the following outlets:
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  1. Question – why is the ebook version of your Knights Errant, the same price as the paperback? That doesn't seem right. Shouldn't it be more reasonably priced?

  2. I don't know who sets prices or how — if they're not set at the publisher level, it might be worth shopping around.

    All I know for sure is it took the same amount of work to write, whatever format it's in! 🙂

  3. Fair answer, and I appreciate the amount of work it can take. For the consumer, it seems like it takes less overhead to sell an ebook as opposed to a paperback, or what have you. But, that is likely falling somewhere between the publisher and the retail level. Thanks again, hope you had a great holiday. 🙂

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