Return to 1989 with my original sequel novel to Tim Burton’s Batman — BATMAN: RESURRECTION!


Batman Resurrection
There are dream projects, and then there are projects you never dreamt were possible. This is the latter! As announced today by IO9, on October 15, 2024, Random House Worlds releases my new novel Batman: Resurrection, a direct original prose sequel to Warner Bros. Pictures’ 1989 film, Batman!

Whereas the DC Batman ’89 comics are set after the Tim Burton films, I chose to place Batman: Resurrection in between Batman (1989) and Batman Returns; in effect, it’s a direct sequel to the first movie. That means characters ranging from Vicki Vale and Alexander Knox to Max Shreck and Selina Kyle from Batman Returns can appear in the book. Who does? Find out Oct. 15 in hardcover, audiobook, and ebook!

Directed by Burton, Batman shaped the writer I am. I saw it in the theater 12 times. I reviewed it for my college paper and wrote about it often in comics magazines, including an essay on the soundtrack by Prince. Writing Batman: Resurrection has been like reuniting with old friends. Best of all, we’re able to release it as Warner Bros. Discovery and DC celebrate Batman’s 85th anniversary throughout 2024.

People always ask what world I wanted to get the chance to write in; I never named Burton’s take on Batman because I never imagined it could happen. But Editor Tom Hoeler found a way. On Oct. 15, come along with us — and go with a smile!

Preorder pages are already up! Here’s the full list at Random House — and there will be more. Note that some of the pages are still being updated with the cover — but orders placed should map to the correct book.

More news to come. Get those preorders in now — and don’t miss my new novel Star Wars: The Living Force, out on April 9!

Batman: Resurrection

Batman: Resurrection

After The Joker’s death, Batman and Gotham City face a mysterious new threat in this direct sequel to Tim Burton’s iconic Batman.

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