Star Wars: Knight Errant now on sale!

Today’s the day! Kerra Holt’s journey into Sith space hits full speed in the novel Star Wars: Knight Errant, on sale today!

Copies are now on sale at all booksellers and at the following links:

It’s a big day — exactly five years to the day after my long-running Knights of the Old Republic series launched. (How cool is that timing?) Remember, this is an original novel, and while it’s set after the events of the first comics storyline, you don’t have to have read the comics to enjoy the novel — the work stands on its own. And the novel does not spoil the ending of the first comics story, so read away!

A few notes on fun extras while reading the book. You can see what Diligence, the warship belonging to Rusher’s Brigade, looks like— and you can also look at the map of the sector (as far as the Jedi understood it). There’s also a prequel story about Kerra’s arrival in Sith space here.

Readers new to the site may not have seen the production notes I do for individual works; like album liner notes or DVD commentary, in a sense, I put together a few thoughts about the process and some trivial notes after each work releases. (You can start reading the ones for the Knight Errant comics here.) With the novel notes, I expect they’ll go up in stages, as I imagine there will be questions that will inspire some more thoughts I’ll want to add to the page.

That’s it! Please let me know what you thought by responding to this post — and by leaving your comments at the various bookseller sites.  And pay a call to one of my signings if you’re in the area! Enjoy!

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