Star Wars RPG

Dark Horse posts KOTOR #50 Preview

OK, this is the literal beginning of the end! Check the last preview at the Dark Horse site, here! And let me quickly note a couple of things while I have the chance, here. First, even though we’re at the end, it’s never too late to climb on board the series — you can find all the Knights of the Old Republic trade paperbacks on Amazon and at your local …

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Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide availability

I was asked if I had copies of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide I co-wrote last year for sale. I don’t, but I was surprised to learn how dear they’ve gotten. Amazon has only used copies ranging today from $93 to… $475?! Good heavens.It appears that eBay auctions are going for lower, but still a good deal over the cover price. I knew the book …

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KOTOR Campaign Guide nominated for Origins Award

News from the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) Trade Show: the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide has been nominated for an Origins Award. The guide, written by Rodney Thompson, Abel Peña, Sterling Hershey, and myself was nominated for “best role-playing supplement.” The Saga Edition rules were also nominated for best system. Attendees at the Origins convention will get a chance to vote for the finalists. This is …

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Dawn of Defiance update

The eighth chapter of the Dawn of Defiance campaign for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game is now online. The Gem of Alderaan is followed by my own Sword of the Empire, which I would expect would follow sometime hereafter once the maps and all the shiny bits are added.