Dark Horse posts KOTOR #50 Preview

OK, this is the literal beginning of the end! Check the last preview at the Dark Horse site, here!

And let me quickly note a couple of things while I have the chance, here. First, even though we’re at the end, it’s never too late to climb on board the series — you can find all the Knights of the Old Republic trade paperbacks on Amazon and at your local retailer.

Second, I was very sorry to read about Wizards of the Coast bringing an end its license for the Star Wars Role-Playing Game and the Miniatures game later this year. It was a real kick getting to see some of our characters as miniatures, and the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide was a blast to work on. Copies of that book are pretty dear and growing more so, as you might tell from the Amazon link; I do  have a very small quantity of copies that I auction occasionally, so I’ll try to alert readers here when they go online.

I wish the best to everyone involved in that line — again, it was a terrific experience and a great product to have out there.

1 thought on “Dark Horse posts KOTOR #50 Preview”

  1. You make me so sad!
    Just got caught up with all the issues, ready for #50 now. Kinda wish that day doesnt come though…

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