Knight Errant Ask-Me-Anything — and a contest!

Star Wars: Knight ErrantLots going on! First, I wanted to alert readers in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois to my signing on Saturday (Feb. 19th) at Westfield Comics in Madison, Wis. Stormtroopers from the 501st will be present. Take a break from the craziness at the State Capital and come visit! The signing is from 1-4 at the Westside store, 7475 Mineral Point Rd., Suite 22., in High Point Center.

Second, I’ve been doing a slew of podcasts — one of which is now online. Click to hear me on the latest Fictional Frontiers.

Next, I’ll be appearing at C2E2 in Chicago in March — and I’ve learned I’ll be on a Del Rey panel with Paul S. Kemp on Friday afternoon. I’m also signing for Del Rey on Saturday — and will have hours for Dark Horse as well. More details as I have them.

Finally, in advance of getting my production notes for the novel together — and with the final issue of “Aflame” out — I hereby launch the “Ask Me Anything” for the novel and the first comics series. The rules are the same as the pre-release one; I can only speak to what’s happened in the novel and comics so far, and won’t spoil anything coming up. Please look at the three pre-release answer posts to see if your question’s already been answered. You might also see what’s been discussed already in the Facebook chat transcript. I’m really looking for some original questions we haven’t hit before — surprise me!

Now, to the contest part — I’ll be sending signed copies of both the novel and Aflame #1-5 to two questioners chosen at random. Posting more than one question doesn’t increase your chances — and, again, original questions are always appreciated. Please use your name or a distinct username with your post, and check back here on March 1 when I’ll announce the winners. Then the winners will need to get in touch with me with their addresses and any personalization instructions.

This covers the novel and the comics, so consider a Spoiler Warning as you read others’ questions. You may want to skip to the bottom for the comment pane if you’ve only read one of them. Onward!

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  1. Keith "Nar" Kappel

    JJM, Two Questions.

    1.) Is there any chance we'll get an Essential Atlas-style update for Sith Space with the various Sith Lord sectors for the Knight Errant era? With all the different Sith Lords and planets you are creating, each with their own territory, it'd be nice to help follow the action.

    2.) In creating all these different Sith Empire cultures for the various enclaves, and the eccentric Sith Lord personalities that rule them, how much was influenced by research into other real-world empires, such as the Roman Empire, Alexander the Great's Greek Empire, Napolean's French Empire, or other researched areas, and how much of it was just created from your own interest in things to see in the Star Wars Galaxy?

  2. Hi John, I really enjoyed your novel, and the LTotS eBooks. I'm looking forward to reading the comics as well. My question to you is this: Have you read many of the Star Wars novels, and if so, did any in particular inspire you to create the never-before-seen era of Knight Errant? Also, did any individual, real or fictional, influence the creation of Kerra Holt? Thank you for your time.


  3. Are there any other sith lords out there that have the rank and power such as vilia or is she the only one really pulling all the strings?

  4. Just a reminder — I need a name of some kind (even a handle) with the questions to be able to award the prizes. Anonymous, if you want to add a name, that'll take care of it!

  5. Hey John, I loved the book and am enjoying the comics, as well as your eBook series. One question I have is whether or not Kerra will travel beyond the Grumani sector? There's a lot of story potential in the outer rim where tons of Sith roam unchecked.

    Also, since he may or may not appear in the comic, is there anyone in particular in the real world that you imagine Brigadier Rusher looking like? He's such a cool character. I loved the Lego you made of his ship, nice work!

    One last question: is there an individual who considers him/herself absolute dark lord of the sith or are the sith too disjointed at this time?

  6. John, greetings from Ukraine. What can I say, the book was fantastic.

    Knowing how you tend to give your characters "talking" names, is it correct to presume that Atkadia's harks to "Happy Arkadia", the place where they live simple but happy lives? (Though that's obviously not the case in Arkadia's realm). And what do Quillian and Dromika's names mean?

    Also, how widespread the knowledge about the state of affair on Byllura really is? Considering the fact that everyone who sets foot there gets incorporated.

  7. First off, I'm going to take this opportunity to again thank you and everyone else behind Knight Errant (yes, this is dewback_rancher from the JCC). Really, I feel like I'm a little kid again discovering the EU for the first time. The entire project just has that wide-open, adventurous feel of discovery to it. Kudos to all involved on such great work!

    All right, now to the questions:

    1. Who's your favorite character to write in Knight Errant? It's just such a huge cast of memorable characters… I imagine it's probably hard to pick ONE favorite!

    2. How on Earth did you come up with such a delightfully bizarre character as Vilia Calimondra- the Sith I like to call Darth Grandma? I mean, the meshing of 'kindly old granny' and 'Sith Lord' is just something so totally unexpected, but you pulled it off marvelously. She's something I don't think I've ever seen in Star Wars before- worth the wait, obviously! I'm serious, I'm glad I avoided spoilers for once- the surprise of a Sith grandma was definitey worth keeping a surprise! How can anyone come up with such a brilliant idea?

  8. 1. Question about the ranks in Rusher's Brigade…is Brigadier its own standalone rank like in the modern-day British Army, or short for Brigadier General? Likewise Master—short for something, like Master Gunner, or likewise its own standalone rank?

  9. Sorry, didn't mean to post anonymously…

    Anyway, question about the ranks in Rusher's Brigade…is Brigadier its own standalone rank like in the modern-day British Army, or short for Brigadier General? Likewise Master—short for something, like Master Gunner, or likewise its own standalone rank?

  10. Loving the start of the series, reading it in the Galaxy Magazine here in the UK and am excited by the opportunities that are being mapped out for what's to follow.
    Alright, you detailed a rich and textured Star Wars era in KOTOR, which is much loved by fandom. Clearly you hope to do the same with KE, but will there be any links to KOTER, be they thematic, ancestral, location or otherwise?

  11. 1. While reading about the Sith twins in the Dyarchy, I was curious if the thought came to you that perhaps this is what could have happened to Luke and Leia if they had been found by Sidious – it seemed a very interesting/different take on what the power of Force-wielding twins could mean.

    2. When Narsk is looking back and forth between Arkadia and Kerra (around their first meeting), I was wondering if he was seeing some family resemblance? With all the Sith blood running around this part of the galaxy and Kerra having hailed from here, was there any thought to her being related to Vilia as well?

  12. Will any of the books characters show up in the new characters guide or in the warfare guide?

    Where does the idea of a crystalline flagship comes from?

    Are all arkadianate ships like that?

    Do these ships have shields or class designations?

  13. One more question, I've noticed it just now.

    Kerra says that since Chelloa she brought 63 thousand refugees to the frontier. Did she mean those Chelloan miners? Or some other people, which means the novel isn't a direct continuation of the first comic arc? If so, what was Kerra doing between these stories?

  14. Hey John, my question is about the Dyarchy. How long was Quillan controlling Dromika for? Did she once have a distinct personality, or was it Quillan using her as a vessel, so to speak?

  15. Are there any other sith lords out there that have the rank and power such as vilia or is she the only one really pulling all the strings?

  16. 1. Who are the decapitated statues at the end of Aflame #5? Are they all Daiman, or other Lords?

    2. Is the title "Darth" not used during this era? I haven't read the Bane books in a while, but obviously Bane uses it. Was he the one to bring that into exclusive use along with the rule of two? If not, did some Sith lords use it while others did not, for some reason?

  17. Not exactly Errant but i have to ask.

    Were the Moomo brothers inspired by the Venithon twins?

  18. Hi JJM, greetings from France. I enjoyed your novel which is one of the best I read for many years. I have many questions concerning your novel and the knight errant period :

    – Of course there are 22 years between Knight Errant and the rise of Kaan but will we see some of the characters featured in Bane : path of destruction, such as Qordis or Kopecz?

    – Same for Kerra : is she alive in Bane area?

    – Hundreds, even thousands of sith lords filled up the galaxy : what happened to them in the following years : we only see about twenty sith lords aligned with Kaan.

    – Will we see more of Vilia's grandchilds such as Lioko and Malakite in " Deluge "?

    Thanks a lot!

  19. Hey, JJM!

    I really loved Knight Errant the novel and am telling everyone on my fan lists to get copies (I also posted a review on

    A couple of questions that do pop up;

    1. Will we get to see more of the Jedi Knighthood during the period? I'm really intrigued how a Jedi-run Republic would function.

    2. Kerra Holt doesn't do much killing. Is that a conscious decision on your part?

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