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Lair of the Shadow Broker announced for Mass Effect

Readers of our Mass Effect: Redemption series know all about Liara T’Soni’s conflict with the Shadow Broker. And now, Bioware has announced DLC, or downloadable game content, building off of the events of that story. Lair of the Shadow Broker was announced this week as coming soon from Bioware. “Two years ago, Commander Shepard died and Liara T’Soni fought in a desperate struggle against the Shadow Broker to recover her …

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Lord British lands safely

Good to see that Richard Garriott has landed safely from space. I cut my computer-game teeth on Ultima II (and then the others), the series Garriott created under the name Lord British — Lord British also was a character in the games, himself. Many was the time I trudged back to Lord British to level up. My favorite of all the games remains the time- and space-traveling Ultima II, though …

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