Double release day! Star Wars KOTOR Omnibus Vol. 3 and new Insider

Double release day — and in fact, double Star Wars release day!

First off, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Omnibus Vol. 3 hits stores today. The circle is now complete, as someone said: this edition includes KOTOR issues #38 through #50 and all of the War miniseries. (You can read my behind-the-scenes pages on the individual issues starting here.) It features art by Brian Ching, Dean Zachary, Andrea Mutti, Pierluigi Baldassini, Ron Chan, and more, with colors by Michael Atiyeh, letters by Michael Heisler, and edits by David Marshall and Freddye Lins.

This wraps up the KOTOR series from Dark Horse in three nice volumes; all will have been reprinted except for the KOTOR Handbook and the letters-page “holocrons” from the second year. It is also the last volume of my Star Wars material to come from Dark Horse: Knight Errant and Lost Tribe of the Sith came out too recently to be collected before Dark Horse passes the publishing reins to Marvel at the end of the year. (But the graphic novels for those series are still available.)

The Omnibus will be available also as a signed edition from me (as soon as I get them): check out my shop page. I should also have some at ComicFest in Denver the weekend of May 2. (I will be there all three days, and will have several panels on Sunday.)

Next, move over to the magazine aisle where you’ll find Star Wars Insider #149, where I have the “Red Five” column this month, discussing favorite characters from the Expanded Universe. It’s a fun one.

That’s what I have for you today — though, as always, follow my Twitter for news as it’s announced, or sign up for my newsletter using that box over there to the left. It’s been another very busy work-month — and the home repair guys are outside pounding on the roof, making repairs after the rough winter. I’d better get back to writing, to pay for all this…