Sunday HarmonyCon appearance — and an Overdraft Glossary update

A few notes! First off, once again in association with the Fox Cities Book Festival, I’ll be speaking and signing this Sunday at HarmonyCon III in Appleton, Wis. I will have a presentation on my work at 2:15. (Visit their Facebook page for the complete schedule.) It’s at the Harmony Cafe, 233 E. College Ave.

And with the second episode, “Golden Handshake,” of Overdraft: The Orion Offensive out this week, I have updated the Overdraft Glossary to reflect the material in that episode as well as everything that’s appeared previously in the milieu. There are a couple of small bits in the second chapter that will be retroactively fixed — I got misspelled a name or two, and later in the serial’s production, I had changed the name of the team’s shuttle. (One of the benefits of the Kindle serial release is these sorts of revisions can be made; I expect them to be rare!) The Glossary has the correct, current spellings on things. I hope to get the timeline going soon. It’s been a little hectic!

Part three will be out in 11 days. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the discussion threads Amazon has set up!