Mass Effect comic book launches on Wednesday!

Alerting all Mass Effect fans! The first Mass Effect comic book, Mass Effect: Redemption #1, goes on sale Wednesday in finer comics retail establishments across all populated systems. (Or something to that effect.)

Mass Effect #1 is plotted by Bioware’s Mac Walters, scripted by yours truly, and drawn by Omar Francia — and features a story that bridges (and overlaps) the first hit video game and this month’s upcoming release, Mass Effect 2. There’s also a special edition of the comic book with a variant cover in the collector’s edition of the game.

As usual, I’ll be posting some thoughts about the issue later this week, once you’ve had time to delve into the comics. Stay tuned!

Update #1 (of a series): And now Dark Horse has an interview with me on Mass Effect online, getting into a bit of my personal gaming history ranging from Ultima II to East India Company — and KOTOR and Mass Effect, of course.

Update #2: And there are also pieces on the issue on Comic Book Resources and MTV. Busy day…

Update The Last: And now my production notes about the issue are online!