Of Bugs Bunny and Rubik’s Cubes

These actually came together over the course of many months, but I have a few thoughts online now about Knights of the Old Republic #47, the first chapter of “Demon.” Again, an eclectic stew of comic-book thoughts, touching on Rubik’s Cubes, Bugs Bunny, and Fish-Bowl Guy. As noted, thoughts about the larger revelation this issue will appear in “Notes To The Old Republic” in next month’s issue — as will, incidentally, a preview of Mass Effect: Redemption. Don’t miss it!

A side note: I haven’t modified the Shop much because I’m out of stock on a lot of things — which, as of today, includes several of the early issues of “Commencement.” I’ll make note if sets become available again, but this is not something I’m focusing much on, and some of the older issues are getting harder to locate in any event. Trade paperback time!