Crimson Dynamo

A decade in fiction, observed

A personal anniversary: Ten years ago today, I was working, as usual, in the Krause Publications offices on the week before New Year’s; I tended to do that a lot, because we always waited to do the Year-in-Review articles for Comics Buyer’s Guide until the year was actually over. (A lot of major comics events had happened during that last week of the year, from DC‘s purchase of Wildstorm to …

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L.A. Times on Crimson Dynamo

The L.A. Times has a piece on Mickey Rourke potentially appearing in Iron Man 2, potentially as Crimson Dynamo. One would suspect not in the Anton Vanko incarnation (and certainly not the teen-age Gennady Gavrilov incarnation). I don’t recall a variation that was a basic arms dealer, so this, if true, would be another incarnation. (The same piece has a section on George Lucas and a “Force trainer” shown at …

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