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Warman’s Comic Book Field Guide

Warman’s Comic Book Field Guide

Published by Krause Publications • 2004
Written by John Jackson Miller and Maggie Thompson

The comics database I helped design for F&W Publications/Krause Publications worked overtime in 2004. We got the monthly Comics Buyer’s Guide price guide out of it; we got the 11th Annual Comic Book Checklist & Price Guide out of it; we got the third Standard Catalog of Comic Books out of it. And we also did a book for the Warman’s line of Field Guides, small hand-held books sold in counter displays in mass-market bookstores.

The Field Guides are designed for the casual shopper looking for an introduction to collecting, and our comics version was no different. We selected specific titles from interest from a variety of categories and publishers, making sure to get some examples of just about every type of comic book readers might encounter — while obviously not providing examples of everything. As with the other titles in that popular series, the guide was a popular seller.

Pocket-sized guides for comics prices go back at least to the early 1980s — the first one I ever got was a small Official price guide.