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Comics Buyer’s Guide Comic Book Checklist & Price Guide

Comics Buyer’s Guide Comic Book Checklist & Price Guide

Published by Krause Publications
Written by Maggie Thompson, Brent Frankenhoff, Peter Bickford and John Jackson Miller

14th Edition • Published 2007      13th Edition • Published 2006

12th Edition • Published 2005      11th Edition • Published 2004

10th Edition • Published 2003      9th Edition • Published 2002

8th Edition • Published 2001      7th Edition • Published 2000

6th Edition • Published 1999      5th Edition • Published 1998

The Comics Buyers Guide Comic Book Checklist & Price Guide series predated the Standard Catalog of Comic Books by several years, and was the first price guide book project I was associated with, beginning with the fifth edition in 1998. Once we built the database for the Standard Catalog in 2002, we began using it to produce this series and for a time the Checklist was regarded as the “portable” version of the massive Catalog.

While the physical dimensions of the book remained unchanged, there nonetheless were many innovations behind the scenes in its production over the years. The 12th Edition, the last redesign I was involved with, actually automated the placement of the 2,000 photographs that appeared for the first time in that edition. (Of course, we still had to scan those images and write the captions!)

Brent Frankenhoff shepherded the 13th Edition and later editions through production — my involvement being in the earlier years of populating the database.

Alex Horley‘s covers for the 12th and 13th Editions were the first original art covers to appear on this title. Both originally appeared on the cover of Comics Buyer’s Guide.

The decision to take the book from two-column to a three-column format eliminated a huge number of pages from the book, resulting in our addition of a CGC pricing section. When we added 1,500 photos to the 11th Edition, that CGC section was dropped.