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Baby Boomer Comics

Baby Boomer Comics

A celebration of the comics of the 1960s!
Published by Krause Publications • July 2003
Written by Craig “Mr. Silver Age” Shutt

Art by Jim Mooney

Edited by John Jackson Miller

As editorial director of Krause Publications’ Comics & Games Division, I looked for opportunities to spin book projects out of our core magazines. A no-brainer was the idea of doing a book with Craig “Mr. Silver Age” Shutt, one of Comics Buyer’s Guide‘s most popular columnists, covering the wildest and wackiest stories from the 1960s.

Craig selected earlier columns and wrote new material for the volume, including providing trivia questions — his trivia challenge at Chicago Comic-Con long being a popular draw. As editor of the book, I handled layout and coordinated with him regarding art needs.

One of the challenges in the project was that as it wasn’t a licensed product, we weren’t in a legal position to simply crib superhero images for the cover. Individual covers, however, we could show.

Legendary artist Jim Mooney designed the “Mr. Silver Age” character that appeared throughout the volume.

As the work wasn’t a licensed product, the cover instead depicted individual comics book covers.