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Star Trek: Prey – Book 3: The Hall of Heroes

“Korgh, heir of Kruge! Protector of the Empire’s honor!”

Star Trek: Prey – Book 3: The Hall of Heroes

The final novel in my Star Trek trilogy, released monthly during the the 50th anniversary year for the series!
Published by Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books • November 29, 2016
Written by John Jackson Miller

Cover by Doug Drexler and Ali Ries

Edited by Margaret Clark

The Klingon Empire stands on the precipice. In the wake of violence from the cult known as the Unsung, paranoia threatens to break Chancellor Martok’s regime. Klingons increasingly call for a stronger hand to take control … one that Lord Korgh, master manipulator, is only too willing to offer.

But other forces are now in motion. Assisted by a wily agent, the Empire’s enemies secretly conspire to take full advantage of the situation. Aboard the USS Titan, Admiral William T. Riker realizes far more than the Federation’s alliance with the Klingons is in danger. With the Empire a wounded animal, it could either become an attacker—or a target.

Yet even as hostilities increase, Commander Worf returns to the USS Enterprise and Captain Jean-Luc Picard with a daring plan of his own. The preservation of both the Empire and the Federation alliance may hinge on an improbable savior leading a most unlikely force….

“There will always be those who need help finding the path.” — Kahless

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