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Star Trek: Discovery – Die Standing

“Sneaking in and subverting is no way to start an empire. That’s no fun at all.” — Emperor Georgiou

Star Trek: Discovery – Die Standing

Emperor. Exile. Secret agent. And… emperor again?
Published by Simon & Schuster/Gallery Books • July 14, 2020
Written by John Jackson Miller

Edited by Margaret Clark

No one in the history of histories has lost more than Philippa Georgiou, ruler of the Terran Empire. Forced to take refuge in the Federation’s universe, she bides her time until Section 31, a rogue spy force within Starfleet, offers her a chance to work as their agent. She has no intention of serving under anyone else, of course; her only interest is escape.

But when a young Trill, Emony Dax, discovers a powerful interstellar menace, Georgiou recognizes it as a superweapon that escaped her grasp in her own universe. Escorted by a team sent by an untrusting Federation to watch over her, the emperor journeys to a region forbidden to travelers. But will what she finds there end the threat — or give “Agent Georgiou” the means to create her old empire anew?

“I don’t care what special skills you have. You’re an invasive species, Philippa — a threat to the ecosystem.” — Admiral Cornwell

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Star Trek: Discovery – Die Standing

Star Trek: Discovery – Die Standing

Emperor Georgiou's first mission for Section 31 in a novel based upon the explosive Star Trek: Discovery TV series! Winner of the 2021 Scribe Award for Best Media Tie-in Novel (Speculative)!

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