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Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith – Spiral #3

“This is our world, Dreypa! The Tribe will resist you!” — Takara Hilts

“Spiral” Part 3

The release of a Sith Lord has quickened a Sith rebel’s hope of overturning the ruling order… just not as he’d imagined, with himself in charge!
Published by Dark Horse • October 12, 2012

Written by John Jackson Miller

Art by Andrea Mutti and Pierluigi Baldassini

Lettered by Michael Heisler

Colored by Michael Atiyeh

Cover by Paul Renaud

Edited by David Marshall and Freddye Lins

With the third issue, the stage is fully set for the Old School Sith versus Lost Tribe showdown — and we get that in earnest. If anyone ever longed for a drooling evil villain different from the variety I usually serve, Lord Dreypa’s your man. He dines on all the scenery he can find and asks for seconds. As a result, he’s a lot of fun to write.

It was also fun writing the other characters’ reactions to him. Kaliska and Takara are appropriately wary, but Spinner acts as if the circus has come to town. And Iliana thinks he’s just a nut. In a way, they’re all right. Spinner has my favorite line in the series thus far: “I think he might be crazy.” Said by someone who realizes he’s bet on the wrong Sith!

This issue’s flashback also ties — no pun intended — Spinner back to the past. To truly be a rebel, I figured Spinner needed to be the first of his line to disdain the mission he’d been given at birth. His relatives might have kept on weaving through the worst of the dark ages, but he sure wasn’t going to go for that.

And, finally, we bring the Leviathans on the scene. It was clear from the tales of the Protectors and the Destructors that Kesh itself had been ripped asunder by the battles from the past; Leviathans certainly qualify as mythic reshapers of Kesh. We now know what the big carcasses we saw in #1 were from!

“I think he might be crazy.” — Spinner, of Dreypa

Eorm, of course, looks a lot nicer than Spinner describes it. The Sith are never satisfied.

Eorm can be found on the map in Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith – The Collected Stories. The rebellious force travels north to where the road ends near the Marisota, before turning west to head for the Sessal Spire.

The arrival of naval technology in Keshtah obviously means sailcloth is suddenly needed. We realize that, at least for Eorm, there’s a command economy.

Dreypa’s amulet ties back into the whole Dark Jedi amulet business started in Vector and elaborated on in the Book of Sith. Sorzus Syn — from that very edition — is mentioned here, as well.

Dreypa wouldn’t have recognized the lightsabers of the Tribe, having come from the era of corded lightsabers with battery packs. “Curling irons,” I call them…

Again, the Keshiri have plenty of glassworkers, so Iliana’s telescope fits right in.

Andrea Mutti continues with the menagerie of wildlife in this story; before this release, the Roqoo Depot website had done a feature on all his animals.

The Sessal Spire is referred to many times in the prose stories. Not a very nice place to visit!

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Star Wars: Legends Epic Collection – The Old Republic Vol. 4

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