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Star Wars: Knight Errant – Aflame #0

“Slow it down, Kerra Holt — you’re no good to me dead.” — Vannar Treece

“Preview Edition”

More than one thousand years before Luke Skywalker, a dark age grips the galaxy as an ineffectual Republic abandons entire systems to Sith control. A newly knighted Jedi on her first mission, eighteen-year-old Kerra Holt has joined a band of Jedi volunteers traveling deep behind enemy lines, with no support from the Republic and little chance of survival. She thinks she is prepared for anything. She’s wrong…
Published by Dark Horse • August 12, 2010
Written by John Jackson Miller

Art by Fredrico Dallocchio

Lettered by Michael Heisler

Colored by Michael Atiyeh

Cover by Joe Quinones and John Van Fleet

Edited by Dave Marshall, Freddye Lins, and Shelly Shapiro

The launch of a new comics series — complete with an original novel from Del Rey — is promoted in this special edition giveaway created for attendees of Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando. Jointly produced by Dark Horse and Del Rey, the flip-book includes the first several pages of Star Wars: Knight Errant #1, the first chapter of the novel, and an interview with me about the two projects. There are also some production designs.

“Things change so fast out here.” — Kerra Holt

The comics-side cover of this edition is one of the covers from #1.
Knights of the Old Republic #0, this contains an eight-page comics sequence — but unlike that issue, it’s preview material, terminating mid-story a little like a pay-per-view preview. Except for the interview, there is no material appearing in this edition that does not also appear in the comics series and novel.