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Mass Effect: Redemption #2

“I watched from my escape pod as Shepard died, Feron. This is my chance to redeem myself. It can be your chance, too…” — Liara

“Redemption, Part 2”

Liara T’Soni searches Omega — the most dangerous space station in the galaxy — for clues that could save Commander Shepard, humanity’s greatest hero!
Published by Dark Horse • February 3, 2010

Written by John Jackson Miller

Story by Mac Walters

Art by Omar Francia

Lettered by Michael Heisler

Colored by Michael Atiyeh

Cover by Daryl Manrayk

Edited by Dave Marshall and Brendan Wright

One of the interesting things about the production of the Mass Effect: Redemption series of comics is that as work on the comics progressed, ever more reference material became available from Mass Effect 2. In some cases, the new material directly inspired how and what we presented in the comics.

A good example is the flashback that opened this issue. In the beginning, I had planned to depict the destruction of the Normandy only very briefly, in a one-panel hologram in the scene with the Illusive Man in #1. The second issue would have begun with Liara’s parting from Miranda. When promotional video showing the ship’s destruction became available to us, I decided to remove the Normandy from #1 and open #2 with an entire sequence showing the Normandy from the points of view of attackers and, later, Liara. It made for a much better visual, and it helped to emotionally tie Liara to the destruction of the ship.

That’s one of the places where a scripter can play a role. Some things in plots can only be conveyed in a single way, but there are often several possible ways to go. When new material makes opportunities available, it’s good to take advantage of them!

“I’ve crossed the galaxy for this, Feron! I’m not going to give you time to change your mind!” — Liara

One of the interesting things for me about reading the comic book is seeing the answers to questions that I, myself, had — and that Bioware and artist Omar Francia came up with answers to. I saw a lot of image reference, but there are always things you have questions about. What are lifepods like? Are the transit vehicles on Omega attached to a track, or do they travel freely? The answers are here, on the page. So there are surprises for me, too, reading the comics!

Even though he’s shorter than the krogan he meets, Tazzik is huge for a salarian. Thus, the line about Tazzik’s size.

This issue was released eight days after Mass Effect 2 came out, so there were readers who’d already encountered many of our series’ new characters by then.

The day this issue was released, Dark Horse announced that the first issue had sold out and would be going to a second printing.