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Mass Effect: Invasion #4

“Only one thing will get her out of hiding — victory. So let’s give it to her.” — General Oleg Petrovsky

“Invasion, Part 4”

Everything is on the line in this shocking conclusion!
Published by Dark Horse • January 18, 2012

Written by John Jackson Miller

Story by Mac Walters and John Jackson Miller

Art by Omar Francia

Lettered by Michael Heisler

Colored by Michael Atiyeh

Covers by Massimo Carnevale and Paul Renaud

Edited by Dave Marshall and Brendan Wright

This was the last chapter to appear before the release of Mass Effect 3, and it brought to a close the surprise attack on space station Omega. We see Aria T’Loak escape — and Petrovsky starting to have second thoughts about his leader’s intentions and tactics. They’re not bad enough for him to rebel, but he does start thinking some for himself.

The story expands on some elements in Mass Effect 2 relating to the various gangs: it’s clear here from the tactics and weapons that they’re all working together now.

This series was followed by Homeworlds, a series of one-shots focusing on various characters. I was unavailable when it came up, and so other scripters got the call. But I was pleased to have helped introduce Mass Effect to the comics universe. And as with Redemption, there was a DLC sequel, “Omega”, in which you face off against Petrovsky himself. (Just don’t ask what happened to his Russian accent!)

“Give up Omega? I am Omega!” — Aria

“Sergeant Haley” is a nod to T.M. Haley, assistant and my guide to things Mass Effect.

The plague and the Gozu District are also elements from the game.