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Mass Effect: Invasion #3

“It was all very simple, Oleg. We saw an opportunity, and took it.” — Illusive Man

“Invasion, Part 3”

The Omega space station has fallen and Aria, Omega’s pirate queen, is on the run from an enemy greater than anything she’s ever faced before…
Published by Dark Horse • December 21, 2011

Written by John Jackson Miller

Story by Mac Walters and John Jackson Miller

Art by Omar Francia

Lettered by Michael Heisler

Colored by Michael Atiyeh

Covers by Massimo Carnevale and Paul Renaud

Edited by Dave Marshall and Brendan Wright

The trick with the Cerberus takeover of Omega is that, for the most part, Aria was the only person holding Omega together — and Cerberus had no such credibility, as yet. So the first thing that would logically happen, regardless of what was going on outside, when Aria disappeared was that all heck would break loose between the rival gangs. It’s enough to befuddle Ashe.

It seemed natural that Petrovsky would be a Leo Tolstoy fan — and that War and Peace would be his touchstone. There are all sorts of wonderful quotes, many of which Petrovsky would have considered relevant. It was Russia’s immense expanse that saved it from Napoleon and, to some degree, Hitler; Omega is one more kilometer of land that Cerberus needs. Aria is aware of the contradictions in Cerberus’s arguments, though, and she certainly shares them.

And check out how the Illusive Man also knows Tolstoy. He knows what buttons to push with Petrovsky, for sure — but even that has trouble outweighing the things the general has seen by now…

“If they want Omega, they’ll have to take it over our dead bodies!” — Aria

There are some great looking spaceships in this series, both interior and exterior shots. Props to Omar Francia.

I didn’t know if they still had books in the Mass Effect era; Petrovsky makes an observation about that.

Anticlus was the guy inside the Trojan Horse who wouldn’t shut up — and was gagged so he couldn’t speak. An apt code-phrase for Petrovsky to pick.