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Halo: Rise of Atriox #5

“I have fought more battles than anyone alive — yet his legend grows faster than mine. And now the humans cower in fear at his name. What has he done to deserve it?” — Jovus

“Rise of Atriox, Part Five”

A rival leader thinks Atriox has been getting too much attention lately, and decides to do something about it!
Published by Dark Horse Comics • February 7, 2018
Written by John Jackson Miller

Art by Jonathan Wayshak

Lettered by Simon Bowland

Colored by Jeremy Colwell

Cover by Aleski Briclot

Edited by Spencer Cushing and Kevin Burkhalter

Of the two issues of Rise of Atriox I write, this finale for the series is the one that most bears my creative stamp. Jovus and his historian Buca were my creations, and the dynamic between them was fun to work with.

We needed a great Brute warrior who would be overshadowed by Atriox; we also needed to show others realizing that Atriox was by far the better leader. The issue also tied together the series by bringing in elements from previous issues, such as the Shipmaster and Enduring Conviction, and Decimus from my own story in #3.

While another Halo opportunity presented itself around the time this series concluded, I decided to stick to franchises I was more familiar with. That usually makes for happier readers — and authors. But even though I didn’t set up a permanent residence,  it was still fun taking some trips into the game’s universe.

“Those who follow Atriox have no rason to fear anyone. Where he goes — the ground shakes.” — Decimus

This issue’s cover by Alexi Briclot would become the cover for the hardcover graphic novel collection. It released on May 23.

Probably the most time and reflection went into Atriox’s closing speech for the series. It was intended to sum up his character, and amplify the reasons that so many followed him.

I would return to writing comics at Dark Horse in 2019 with a most unlikely follow-up to Atriox: Dumbo!