The stories behind the stories

Gathering #8


Growing up isn’t easy when you’re the only one different — or immune…
Published by GrayHaven • March 15, 2012
Written by John Jackson Miller and T.M. Haley

Art by Michael Lapinski

Lettered by Andrew Goletz, Doug Hahner, Glenn Matchett, and James O’Callaghan

Production manager Erich Schoeneweiss

The Gathering was a new-talent title published print-on-demand by GrayHaven Comics. Every issue, the series looked to pair an experienced creator with new talent, and I was asked to provide a story for the science-fiction issue.

I got my start in black-and-white small press comics, and know I’m not alone. So when I was invited to contribute, I was happy to do so.

Here, I was actually able to work with two new creators. T.M. Haley was my assistant for much of 2010; here, we collaborated on a silent-movie style story of a world not quite right. Artist Michael Lapinski was tapped to provide the pictures. I like what Michael did with the story, and it was fun working with T.M. on it.

The subject matter of “Immune” would have an eerie real-world echo years later, when the Coronavirus pandemic struck the world and impacted schools. But nobody attended proms in hazmat suits.

Production manager Erich Schoeneweiss was one of my editors on Star Wars books at Del Rey.

T.M. Haley would go on to contribute another story to The Gathering #12.