John Jackson Miller

96 hours of Gen Con

Well, I didn’t game all those hours, but I managed to get in more than any of my previous five GenCon trips. The difference was this was the first time I was attending in a semi-civilian role — where in past years, I’d had a booth to work, this time, I was there as a freelancer promoting a book — and otherwise, to enjoy the show. Both were done — …

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A trip to Coruscant… games… and more

Whole bunch of updates here. First off, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #31 is on the shelves this week, or so I am informed. It is stuffed chock full of revelations and surprises; my thoughts on the issue will be along later, and as you might expect there’ll be a lot to talk about this time out! One of the interesting things about the issue is the ad …

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And back again

Still too busy catching up after Chicago for a proper Chicago post, but fun was had by all — and I didn’t lose my voice this time. More later. While catching up I heard this morning about the passing over the weekend of Don S. Davis, who played General Hammond on Stargate SG-1 and also had a role in Best of Show. I met him briefly at one of the …

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Chicago signing schedule

If you’re going to Wizard World Chicago this weekend, drop by the Dark Horse Comics booth. I’ll be signing there starting at noon on Saturday and 1 p.m. on Sunday. See you then!

Tonight’s forecast: Dark.

Aw, naw. No. [Insert seven words you can’t say on television.] The problem with having a blog when you don’t really have time to blog is it tends to become a collection of product announcements and convention appearances — interleavened with remembrances for people who you either knew or didn’t know, but who influenced your life in some way. You don’t have time to write about the mundane events of …

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Feeorin Wednesday

I am reliably informed this Wednesday holds the promise of Knights of the Old Republic #30 sitting on the shelves of your fine comic book establishment. Seekest ye thou this, and readeth. I’ll have some thoughts online later on once the pressure system moves and my brain stops hurting. (And speaking of, for those who have asked — the flooding in Wisconsin missed us, though not by a lot. Our …

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My 1989 interview with Joe Biden

I got to interview when I was a student journalist. As a reporter — then editor — for the University of Tennessee Daily Beacon, I interviewed a pretty diverse list of people, from soap opera actor Michael Swan to comics creator Mike Grell, who I would later follow on Iron Man. There were also a number of politicians: Lamar Alexander, sometime presidential candidate and currently the senator from Tennessee, was …

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