I return to Star Wars comics in IDW’s STAR WARS ADVENTURES ANNUAL 2018!

Jedi are trained diplomats, but farmboys? Not so much! But Luke has to learn in a hurry as he’s forced to pinch-hit for Leia on a diplomatic mission of major importance to the protocol-obsessed Sarkans — and even Threepio might not be enough to save him from starting an intergalactic incident! Will Leia have to bail him out?

I share the story in Star Wars Adventures Annual 2018, releasing April 4 from IDW to comics shops everywhere. I’d spoken of my return to Star Wars comics last fall with a story I’d just written; rather than serialize the tale, IDW decided to showcase it by building a special edition around it, with some additional surprises. My story is drawn by Jon Sommariva, who also drew the cover at right. The issue releases April 4. It’s got order code FEB180374 when you request it at your comics shop.

It’s terrific seeing the Annual happen, and fun to see it announced twelve years to the week after Knights of the Old Republic #1 went on sale. Luke Skywalker was in some ways a template for Zayne Carrick; it’s delightful to get to write the character himself. Amazingly, apart from one flash-forward page in KOTOR #25, I’d never written Luke, Leia, or the droids before. And this story is actually a spin on one of the earliest Star Wars ideas I’d ever concocted, but never had the chance to write. I can’t wait to see it!

There’ll be preorder links here once they’re available, but you’ll be able to order the book starting in February from your retailer.

Also, I recently announced that I’d be at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle March 1-4, appearing for Del Rey — that’s a convention I’ve never attended before and had always wanted to visit. Well, there’s some additional news: I’ll be at the charity Worldbuilders Party, a gaming event from 7-11pm on March 2.

There will be games, snacks, and a silent auction, all to raise money for charity. Tickets are available at worldbuildersparty.com. If you’ve ever wanted to play me in a Pazaak game — as seen in the KOTOR computer game and my own Canto Bight book — now’s your chance!

Finally, closer to home, I have a library event Saturday, Feb. 3 at the Little Chute Library in Little Chute, Wis. Click for details!