June signings in Illinois

I interrupt this spring of writing to alert you to the following events…

First, I’ll be at the Joliet Public Library’s Star Wars Day on Saturday, June 6 in Joliet, Ill. It’s a huge event, with a costume parade out front. My first time there; I’m looking forward to being a part of it.

And then on Saturday June 13 I’ll be at the complete other end of the state, appearing (for just that day) at Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Ill., along with other comics creators and actors. I’ve been to Metropolis many times to see the statues but not the event, so this should be fun.

Finally, you can hear be discuss my latest Star Trek novel, Takedown, at the Captains’ Table podcast.

And that’s all I have time to report. I return you to your regularly scheduled programming!