Star Trek: Takedown, beaming soon to a shelf near you!

We’re just a short few days as I write this from the release of my first full-length Star Trek novel: Star Trek: The Next Generation – Takedown! is a fun romp of a novel, a true interstellar naval yarn in the Star Trek tradition. From the description:

When renegade starships begin wreaking destruction across the quadrant, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise are
shocked to discover that the mastermind behind this sudden threat is
none other than Picard’s protégé and friend: Admiral William T. Riker.
The newly minted admiral is on board the U.S.S. Aventine as part of a special assignment, even as the mystery deepens behind his involvement in the growing crisis. 

But the Aventine is
helmed by Captain Ezri Dax—someone who is no stranger to breaking
Starfleet regulations—and her starship is by far the faster vessel…and
Riker cannot yield, even to his former mentor. It’s a battle of tactical
geniuses and a race against time as Picard struggles to find answers
before the quadrant’s great powers violently retaliate against the

There’s mystery and adventure — and as I realized after the book was completed, the characters never set foot on a planet. It’s all starship adventure, as you like it. Takedown goes on sale Tuesday, Jan. 27 at your local bookseller  — and you can also obtain it at these outlets:

In the meantime, some other news of Trek note: I have finally gotten online the production notes and trivia for Star Trek Titan: Absent Enemies. So I’m caught up through… er, last winter. But that’s progress. I could use time-warping capabilities…