Star Wars: A New Dawn rises in stores today!

And… it’s a book! Star Wars: A New Dawn releases today in hardcover, e-book, and audiobook formats.

It’s a great honor to write a Star Wars book, as always — and particularly given the introductory role this story plays. I hope you’ll enjoy it. UPDATE: Check out my blog post about the book — and my life as a Star Wars fan — at the official Star Wars blog!

You can learn more about the book here — and plenty of other places, as I’ve spent the last month promoting the book on podcasts and in interviews. I have a sampling of the links available below (Updated 9/3):


A NEW DAWN features:

A NEW DAWN Interviews (spoiler-free):

Bleeding Cool
Club Jade
Daily Dot
Eleven Thirty-Eight
JediNews UK

A NEW DAWN Podcasts (spoiler-free):

Coffee With Kenobi
FarFarAway Radio
Full of Sith
Rebels Report
Roqoo Depot

There are more to be added to that list, for sure.

“Harrumph. That blasted Miller mentioned Slyssk’s flatcakes —
but he forgot to name the restaurant! Can’t get good help these days.”

I also have an interview in the new Star Wars Insider, which also includes an excerpt of the novel and some art based on it by cover artist Doug Wheatley.

Buy the book! You can get the book at your local bookseller, or one of these fine internet entertainment emporia:

Hardcover: AmazonBarnes and NobleBooks-a-MillionIndieboundRandom House
E-book: KindleiTunesNook 
Audiobook: AmazonBarnes and NobleAudible


You can also get signed copies of the book and/or audiobook from my shop.

Finally, I will be appearing at New York Comic Con, Oct. 9-11; hope to see you there!