Star Wars: Kenobi production notes online — and a paperback release date!

Longtime readers of this website know that I maintain — or try to maintain — a notes page with trivia and production insights on every work I’ve written. That extends to all my comic books, prose, games, and non-fiction works. Some of the longer works have quite extensive ones — and now, at last, I can announce that the notes for Star Wars: Kenobi are now online. Click here to read them.

It is the longest notes section I’ve ever done and will likely never do one again this long; Kenobi is unique in my list for having taken so many years to reach readers, and so it has an interesting story or two behind it. Find out about how “The Kenobi Kid” (never the real title!) was sent to the sidelines by Indiana Jones; how “Monkey Jabba” made his appearance; and answers to some frequently asked questions, including ones posted earlier this year to the site.

As I always do, I caution readers who have not read the book against reading it: I try not to give away too many secrets, but it’s impossible to discuss the evolution of some scenes without mentioning the scenes. Go read the book — it’ll be here when you get back!

You can get Kenobi for yourself — or for those folks on your gift-giving list — in several ways. You can find the Kenobi hardcover here… Amazon
Barnes and Noble
Random House
Things from Another World


…and the audiobook here: Amazon
Barnes and Noble

Some news, as well: It may be tentative, but it’s on both Amazon and the Random House site that the Kenobi mass-market paperback has been tentatively slated for July 1, 2014, and can be preordered now. I, of course, think you should want the spiffy hardcover as well, since it’s available now — oh, heck, buy both!

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That’s it. Happy reading!

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  1. Thanks for the notes on Kenobi. That was a fascinating read. It's always interesting to me to read how authors mold their ideas. And yes, you better believe I went back and looked for pronouns!

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