My first Conan story — and free Overdraft!

Publication day for me, and I travel to a different sandbox — so to speak — with a desert tale of the Hyborian Age: my first Conan story, in Dark Horse’s Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword #6!

“Sargasso of Sand” reteams me with Philip Tan, my artist on Iron Man #7982, and it’s a fun story of mythical mystery as Conan encounters a sailing ship situated far in the desert, a long way from any sea. It’s my first toe in the water — er, sand — of Conan’s world, but it was a lot of fun — and it gave me a chance to flex some different mental muscles. I haven’t written much pure fantasy lately, but I’m expecting to try more.

I have also completed the production notes for Overdraft: The Orion Offensive, including trivia and notes for all eight serial episodes. And to celebrate, I have a special going on at Amazon: “Human Error,” the prequel short story to Overdraft, is free through Friday, Nov. 29!

You can find Overdraft: The Orion Offensive in ebook form at Amazon, get the physical book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-a-Million‘s websites. You can also order the audiobook.

I have also brought up to date the Overdraft Glossary and the Overdraft Timeline.

I have a few blog posts up around the world: I speak about “The Evolution of Obi-Wan Kenobi” on the Kindlepost Blog, and I pay a return trip to Mark T. Barnes’ blog with a guest post on one of my favorite writing themes.

Next up for the website will be the much-anticipated Kenobi notes, as soon as I finish them. Cross your fingers!

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  1. I am listening to Overdraft right now and am really enjoying it. This is the first time in many years I’ve bought a science fiction that isn’t part of a series, I just find getting acquainted with a whole new universe and cast of characters taxing, but the strength of your work on Kenobi and Kotor convinced me to pick it up. If anyone reading this the learning curve isn’t too bad and by the time the second part of the book starts you will be right at home with the characters and the universe they live in. And the time it takes to acquaint yourself with the material is totally worth it because everything you love about Miller’s work from Star Wars is present but more so especially the comedy anyone looking for a good laugh alone will find Overdraft a worthy purchase.

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