The Star Wars: Kenobi Ask-Me-Anything (spoiler edition)

In advance of my posting of the production notes for Star Wars: Kenobi, I am following past practice on the blog by soliciting questions about the book from folks who’ve read it. Simply post your questions in the comments field below, and I will get to as many as I can in a series of later posts on here in the days and weeks to follow. This method also reminds me of things I’ve forgotten to address in the production notes.

Since folks will be asking about things that happened in the book, consider the comments section of this thread to have a spoiler warning, naturally! And note, obviously, that I won’t be able to  speculate on Episode VII in this space. (Yeah, I know I said “Ask Me Anything,” but not everything has answers yet!)

Also, a reminder that autographed copies of Kenobi are available in the e-signing just launched, as well as Knights of the Old Republic Vol. 1 and some other new books. Click to find out how to claim one for your shelf!

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6 thoughts on “The Star Wars: Kenobi Ask-Me-Anything (spoiler edition)”

  1. I missed your Facebook chat by about 2 hours. One question on my mind since I began reading Kenobi is this:

    Was the name "Orrin Gault" inspired at all from some of the characters in Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged"?

  2. I really only have one question: will there be a sequel? Seriously, this book was fantastic and being told from outside POVs was genius. Obi-Wan's meditations were absolutely heartbreaking (I hope you're proud of yourself for that :P).

  3. I was wondering why Lost Tribe is the only StarWars book to be released in the softcover large format. Can we get a hardcover somewhere?

  4. As that one's not a Kenobi question, I won't save it for the big answer post. Since more than half the book was material that had been available for free before, the trade paperback format represented a lower-risk publishing vehicle: for complicated reasons, that format is one you can do in small numbers and then go back to press with. As it turned out, there was demand and they went back to press several times.

    That said, I would doubt they would ever do a hardcover version of a book they already released in softcover. I wouldn't expect to see a hardcover Knight Errant, either.

  5. Just finished Kenobi… Amazing! One of my favorite reads in a long time. Obiwans story in-between episodes III and IV has always been one that fascinates me and I think you really did it justice. I also have to ask this question, is there a sequel in mind? I would love more!

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