Kenobi hits the NYT bestseller list — and a slew of interviews!

It’s getting so I don’t know when to update the website any more. There have been a slew of interviews, reviews, and podcasts released since Star Wars: Kenobi released a week ago, but there are more that are about to come out, and so I keep holding off. And then there’s news, like yesterday’s announcement that Kenobi will debut at #12 on the New York Times bestseller list. Busy time, but busy-good.

The best place to find these things is on my Twitter feed, which is where I’m heading now to get this info myself…

…ah, here. A list of the interviews in which I comment or appear, updated as I get the chance:

KENOBI INTERVIEWS (spoiler-free)
NEW! Moscow’s Jedi Council (in Russian) 
• ElevenThirtyEight

KENOBI PODCASTS (spoiler-free)
NEW! All Wings Report In
NEW! Jedi Journals on ForceCast
Coffee With Kenobi  
• Wisconsin Public Radio’s Route 51 show

• James Arnold Taylor reading on Entertainment Weekly
•  Map supplement

And for after you’ve read the book:

KENOBI PODCASTS (Spoiler Warning)
Roqoo Depot (part two)
Tosche Station

And then there are some reviews and discussions of the book by others. I have not read or listened to all these; I don’t go seeking out reviews usually, but I have read some. (My thanks to RoqooDepot, from which I cribbed the start of the list.) Some are spoiler free, but read any header copy first to see:

Big Shiny Robot
Club Jade
Cory Clubb on Coffee with Kenobi
Dan Z on Coffee with Kenobi
New! The Examiner
FANgirl Blog
Jedi News
Knights Archive
Lightsaber Rattling
RebelForce Radio (starts at 01:04)
Roqoo Depot
Star Wars Action News (starts at :37)
Star Wars Report
• Tosche Station on Casting in Kenobi
Bria on Tosche Station
Brian on Tosche Station

There are more, of course, on and GoodReads and Amazon… but this should give you more than enough reading!

There are more interviews about to come out, including a couple with me and James Arnold Taylor, and also I have a Facebook chat in the works soon. Stay tuned.

Apart from all that, the next project for me — relative to this site — is to get the production notes and trivia going for the Kenobi page. This will take some time, as there is quite a bit to say, obviously…