Overdraft reaches Earth — plus, an e-signing!

Another addition to the bookshelf!

And another addition to the bookshelf! The print edition of Overdraft: The Orion Offensive has arrived in my offices, and is now available. Amazon in the U.S. is shipping them right now, but they’ll come online at other booksellers soon.

Overdraft, as discussed here, is set 125 years in the future, at a time in which Earth has joined the commercial network of the Orion Arm of the Milky Way. Naturally, we’ve brought along some of our bad habits — including Jamie Sturm, a conniving stock trader who accidentally bankrupts his expedition from the comfort of his computer terminal. But Bridget Yang and her team of mercenaries refuses to simply go into unemployment: instead, they return to the Solar System to draft Jamie into service as an interstellar trader. They’ll be taking him to the most dangerous places they can find to trade, until he gets their money back!

The book was initially released as a Kindle Serial, and the full ebook can be obtained here. The trade paperback, at more than 400 pages, is now on sale — and preorders are also being taken for the audiobook, shipping in November. Be sure to check it out. You can also get the prequel short story here.

Lastly, Brilliance Audio is handling the library sales for the book (yes, even prose copies): librarians, order it for your library system here. The ISBN number is 978-1-4778-0752-1.

OVERDRAFT E-SIGNING: I am also offering an “e-signing”, for as long as my supplies of the book last. If your mailing address is in the United States and you’d
like a signed copy of the trade paperback, then e-mail me at the address
at left; cost is $21 through Paypal (that’s the $14.95 cover price plus USPS
Priority Mail shipping, Paypal account is the same as the e-mail
). Be sure to include any personalization requested, as well as
your return address, naturally!

Contact me about international sales — postage would be whatever the USPS charges, but after a certain point it may make more sense to just download the ebook! You can find other books available on my
Shop page.

I’ve been told there’ll be another book arriving tomorrow, so I expect to be back here soon…