Conan for Thanksgiving! My first trip to the Hyborian Age

I mentioned a ways back that I’d be doing licensed work in a lot of different areas — shorter pieces, in some cases, but in some sandboxes that I haven’t written in professionally before. I am pleased to announce one of them now: I’ve written my first Conan story, to appear in Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword #6 from Dark Horse Comics!

“Sargasso of Sand” reunites me with Philip Tan, the artist who drew “The Deep End” in issues #79-82 of my run on Iron Man, nine years ago. It’s a fun short story, in which Conan encounters a madman who may not be as crazy as he seems. I saw the completed art for it just today, and it looks wonderful.

Savage Sword is an 80-page anthology magazine, and the current release date on the Dark Horse website is November 27. (Conan for Thanksgiving!) That’s a different date from the one in the preorder link, but the link should still work. (Also, the line-up in that issue has changed since the solicitation to include my story — but the Dark Agnes image at left is still the cover, I am told.

Conan’s a fun departure for me from science fiction fare — the sort of thing I’d like to do more of in the future, as my schedule allows. It’s a schedule that includes yet another sandbox that I’m writing in, to be announced here tomorrow. That one, I think, should come as a surprise as well, but it’s one I’ve been asked a lot about. Stay tuned…

(By the way, a quick reminder that Human Error, the prelude to Overdraft: The Orion Offensive, is still free this week on Amazon!)