Preview a Star Wars: Kenobi chapter at Random House

San Diego Comic-Con is a couple of weeks out — and already, social media feeds are thick with announcements of this or that. (I’ll be adding to that mass of news myself.) In the meantime, where can one find solace? Yes! A desert planet. Random House has posted the first post-prologue chapter of Star Wars: Kenobi, which ships Aug. 27. (Then again, there may not be much solace, as Tusken Raiders are crashing the party. But it’s safer than a cruise ship!)

In related Kenobi news, the audiobook has been solicited for release the same day and is being read by Jonathan Davis, veteran of many other Star Wars releases. Preorder it here. The Goodreads drawing is still going on for another week for the signed Kenobi Advance Reader Copy: sign up here.

And the book release event has been slated for my hometown of Memphis at The Booksellers at Laurelwood at 6 p.m on August 27. More details as they become available. Remember, you preorder the hardcover from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Random House, and IndieBound.

I’ll have more details soon on my plans for San Diego — and some other announcements, as well — but in the meantime, this is the last week to get Overdraft: The Orion Offensive at the $1.99 serial price. Next week, the full-length work becomes available at what will be its regular e-book price. Back soon with more news. Stay tuned…