Double the ‘Draft! Overdraft production notes and Episode 6 now online

The Overdraft: The Orion Offensive serial is at the far turn, ready to make the stretch run for home —and there are some big twists and turns indeed in Episode 6, “Tender Offer,” downloading today to subscribers.  Click to subscribe now, or check your Kindle account for it if you’ve already subscribed.


“Tender Offer,” salesman Jamie is forced to pretend to be a member of Bridget’s team of armored warriors during the Great Kano Clearing — an Oklahoma-style land rush with giant robots — even as he becomes increasingly concerned the team will throw him to the wolves. With the law closing in, Jamie looks for any chance to escape — and gets an offer from a surprising source. But there are yet more surprises to come, as we learn the truth about the Xylanx — and about someone else, who harbors a great secret.

And something new this time out: I have posted the production notes and trivia for Overdraft. The behind-the-scenes material covers the entire work; the trivia, this far, covers just the first episode, and will be expanded in the coming weeks. The spoiler warning is thus in play only for those who haven’t read any of the story so far.

With the serial approaching its conclusion in a few weeks, the deal for it is better than ever — $1.99 immediately gets you a work that’s already 75% of novel-length, plus the next two episodes completing the story. And there are more resources here on site, including the Overdraft Glossary and the Overdraft Timeline, that you can check out; I’ll update them with the Episode 6 material shortly.