Overdraft Episode 5 now online! Plus Kenobi, Mass Effect, Simpsons news

Welcome back from the long weekend — at least, it was one in the States! Tuesday brings work, yes, but never fear: it’s the release day for episode 5 of Overdraft: The Orion Offensive, subtitled “Tip from a Dip.” Click to subscribe now, or check your Kindle account for it if you’ve already subscribed.

“Tip from a Dip,” things grow a bit more serious for our interstellar sales team. Jamie and Bridget struggle to figure out a way from being crushed by mammoth aliens, and Jamie learns the truth behind what happened at Overland, years earlier. Kolvax’s scheming continues, and a new earthly menace enters the scene: one with the power to end the expedition right away!

Remember, Overdraft is a Kindle Serial, so if you subscribe at $1.99 any time in the
serialization period, you’ll get every episode. Folks who subscribe now,
for example, will start with Episodes 1-5 and get the next three as
they come out. There are resources here on site, including the Overdraft Glossary and the Overdraft Timeline, that you can check out; I’ll update them with the Episode 5 material shortly.

In other news, the Star Wars: Kenobi Advance Reader Copies went out to selected reviewers over the weekend, and I’m gratified by the early response. (Some spoiler free comments here.) I’m hoping to get some copies in soon for giveaway purposes. Stay tuned. And if you didn’t hear it, I have a wide-ranging podcast up with Star Wars Bookworms.

I also neglected to post here when it came out that the Mass Effect Library Edition is now available. This is a mammoth, oversized coffee-table hardcover, which includes all my comics series: Redemption, Evolution, and Invasion, plus the new Homeworlds series and some bonus stories. The volume has annotated pages, with notes from the creative team — and also a section of production art by Omar Francia. It’s definitely worth checking out.

And tomorrow sees the release of Simpsons Summer Shindig #7 — and I’ve just seen that my “Railroaded” tale is the lead-off story. All aboard!