More timeline and glossary updates for Overdraft, plus an upcoming podcast

The fourth episode of my Overdraft serial “Winner’s Curse,” is out, bringing the serial to the halfway point — and I’m pleased to say that I’ve gotten the Glossary and the Timeline brought up to date here on the site for the series.

I really do intend to add some more supplemental material — including a proper production notes section — but writing on the project and proofreading on Star Wars: Kenobi has kept me pretty busy. However, I can share that I do have a podcast coming up with Star Wars Bookworms, which gets into Star Wars, Overdraft, and various other things. It should be available later this week. Update: And now it’s online!

Next Tuesday sees the release of Overdraft Episode 5, titled “Tip from a Dip” in accordance with the established dynamic of using financial slang for episode titles. I’ll leave it to you to guess whether intergalactic salesman Jamie Sturm is the dip in this equation! And the next day, Simpsons Summer Shindig #7 releases, with another one of my stories. Check it out!