Overdraft: The Orion Offensive Episode 4: “Winner’s Curse” now online!

Today is Every Other Tuesday again? That means either the Schwann’s truck will be by later selling frozen pizza — or that it’s the release day for episode 4 of Overdraft: The Orion Offensive, subtitled “Winner’s Curse.” Click to subscribe now, or check your Kindle account for it if you’ve already subscribed.

In “Winner’s Curse,” when the competition at the auction cuts out, Jamie
and company are left with a dubious prize — the right to face a ravenous
space-serpent all alone! Then we find out more about the surprising connection in Jamie and Bridget’s past — and pay a call to another world, where Jamie encounters some even heavier problems, so to speak!

Remember, Overdraft
is a Kindle Serial, so if you subscribe at $1.99 any time in the
serialization period, you’ll get every episode. Folks who subscribe now,
for example, will start with Episodes 1-4 and get the next four as
they come out. Yep, we’re at the halfway point! Time flies.

There are resources here on site, including the Overdraft Glossary and the Overdraft Timeline, that you can check out; I’ll update them with the Episode 4 material shortly.