Overdraft: The Orion Offensive Episode 3: “Underwater Holdings” available now!

It’s that magical Every Other Tuesday again, which means it’s the release day for episode 3 of Overdraft: The Orion Offensive, subtitled “Underwater Holdings.” Click to subscribe now, or check your Kindle account for it if you’ve already subscribed.

In “Underwater Holdings,” Bridget Yang and her Surge Team are all wet — buried at the bottom of an alien lake, as salesman Jamie, out on his first disastrous mission, desperately tries to find a way to save them. Later, Jamie pays a call on a very different world for one of the strangest auctions in the galaxy. And, naturally, there are some mysteriously familiar party-crashers…

Remember, Overdraft
is a Kindle Serial, so if you subscribe at $1.99 any time in the
serialization period, you’ll get every episode. Folks who subscribe now,
for example, will start with Episodes 1-3 and get the next five as
they come out.

There are resources here on site, including the Overdraft Glossary and the Overdraft Timeline, that you can check out; I’ll update them with the Episode 3 material shortly

Finally, a quick note that I will be appearing this weekend at Galaxy Comics at 925 Clark St. in downtown Stevens Point, Wis., for a signing from 1-4. It’s both Free Comic Book Day and May The Fourth Be With You day — an auspicious omen!