My Midsouthcon 2013 panel schedule

I’m in Memphis in advance of Midsouthcon — this will be the tenth in a row I’ve been a guest at, and something like the 16th or 17th overall that I’ve attended since my first one in high school. I’ll be speaking at several panels, as seen here:

7 p.m. Writer’s Block: Tips to help you push through mental blocks to get your story done. With Christie Golden, Jer Alford, Chris Jowers, and Sean Taylor
(Promenade 1)

11 p.m. Reality Check: Tips on breaking into the comics industry. With Terry Beatty, Jer Alford, John Lowe, and Van Plexico. (Promenade 1)

4 p.m. Q&A with John Jackson Miller: This is the return of my annual panel, discussing the books I have coming up. With Tom Bondurant. (Promenade 1)

5 p.m. Superhero Smackdown: “16 heroes will be chosen for a NCAA bracket style tournament where our
judges and audience will determine who will come out on top!” With Tom Bondurant, Chris Jowers, and Van Plexico. (Promenade 1)

6 p.m. Pro Row signing: With Christie Golden.

11 a.m. Bring on the Bad Guys: How to create or reinvent an interesting antagonist for comics and other literary publications. With Tom Bondurant, Christie Golden, Chris Jowers, and Van Plexico. (Promenade 1) 

Additionally, I will be signing earlier in the day Saturday and at other times in the main hallway at the local Star Wars Fanforce booth.

Next, I would like to thank the M.R. Dye Library in Horn Lake, Mississippi — as well as the Friends of the Horn Lake Library and the local members of the Rancor Raiders troop of the 501st for last night’s great event.

This was the first public event (apart from my talks at Westosha Central High School in Paddock Lake, Wis., on Monday) speaking about the new Overdraft: The Orion Offensive serial that I’m doing with 47North.

The news on that today is the publisher’s blurb about the series is online. Be sure to check it out and subscribe!