Star Wars Celebration VI — my mini-scrapbook

With the Intrepid Meredith along with her trusty camera, I actually managed to get some pictures this year. Check out my Facebook feed for some more — the blog interface isn’t much for displaying a lot of photos.

As you might notice, frequent Zayne costumer Peter White had some backup this year, with Deez Wallis as Jarael.

And Star Wars editor Dave Marshall got into the act, too, donning the cape of Lando Calrissian!

Later on, we had a Kerra Holt sighting. Always nice to see some comics characters! The timing of the event was fortuitous, as it hit just after the release of the Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith -The Collected Stories book and Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith – Spiral #1 comic book; we had a special limited edition of #1 at the show from

The signings were a lot of fun — I signed with Timothy Zahn at the Barnes & Noble booth on Saturday, and then the whole Del Rey crew on Sunday. There were also great signings with Dark Horse and a couple of fun panels.

It was a blast — ready now for Celebration VII!