KOTOR War finale soars into stores

And the final issue of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – War arc hits stores tomorrow, almost exactly a year after I first wrote the plot for it. It’s true — comics are like time travel. Writing them, anyway! Notes to come as soon as I get time — hopefully sooner this month than last month.

Following this, the first issue of Star Wars: Knight Errant – Escape will be going on sale in June — be sure to get your order in now. And then the Lost Tribe of the Sith comics series begins in August.

Extraordinarily busy — I haven’t even gotten to see The Avengers yet!

7 thoughts on “KOTOR War finale soars into stores”

  1. Will we be seeing any more of the KOTOR crew in the future, or is this their last adventure? Or does it all depend on the whim of the publisher?

  2. Anything's possible with reader support! After all, this storyline came about two years after the previous series ended in part because folks kept buying the books in the interim.

  3. That's good to know. I'd love to hear more of Zayne + co's adventures.

    Will this mini-series ever be released in trade form?

  4. Do you have the storyline for future plots in KotOR written down? And how likely is it that they'll ever come out as comics. I'd love to see some of the old crew back, like Rohlan, Jarael, etc. And it wouldn't hurt to see good old Lucien again, annoying as he was.

  5. Oh, I always have plenty of ideas. Best way to make sure they see the light of day is to spread the word about the comics, and to voice your support to the publisher.

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