The world of Kesh gets bigger — and maps!

Fun news! Del Rey announced today that the format had changed for the Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith: The Collected Stories book. It’s bigger — and it’s coming sooner. And, I can now finally talk about one of the other things we’ve had under wraps: it’s got maps!

Instead of being a mass-market paperback, the book will be a larger trade paperback (the same size as the Karen Miller Clone Wars novels Del Rey published), and it will be published a week earlier, on July 24. It’s just a little more expensive, at $12 — but it will also include my maps of the places known to the Lost Tribe!

The maps include the continent of Keshtah, where the action occurs in the first eight e-books reprinted in this 432-page volume — and the map of a new, secret place that readers learned about in the eighth short story, Secrets. It’s the location for the big new hundred-page plus novella, Pandemonium, appearing anywhere for the first time in this edition.

These are the maps I was working on while writing the books — my fun Tolkien/D&D moment while designing this fantasy world. I’m thrilled readers will be able to follow along — the designer-improved maps are pretty handy!

The book can be ordered from your local bookseller, from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and from Random House, among other online stores. It will also be available in ebook formats. Preorder both today!

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