Lost Tribe of the Sith Purgatory, Sentinel, Pantheon notes now online

Monday, the eighth and final giveaway Lost Tribe of the Sith ebook, Secrets, becomes available from major outlets. The Amazon link is here and Random House has links to other formats here, but I caution that historically these do not all go up for download at the same time, so please check again if something isn’t out yet. I do expect Random House will have the PDF out Monday and will add that link here when it’s available.

In the meantime — because it is way past time to do so — I have gotten online the notes for Purgatory, Sentinel, and Pantheon, also known as episodes 5-7. While I regret that it took this long (it’s a testament to what my schedule has been like), proofreading for this July’s Lost Tribe of the Sith: The Collected Stories book has given me a chance to reread it all, and so my impressions are all fresh even if my recollections aren’t.

Purgatory has its (shhh!) connection to the Knights of the Old Republic comics, which I get into. And in my notes for it and Sentinel I share some thoughts on the peculiar challenges of Jedi-Sith dating. (There’s a reason there’s no box for that on OKCupid!)

And Pantheon‘s notes touch on the fun of writing a senior citizen who’s on the periphery of the Sith power game, while also getting into the secret behind the alternating letters for our story titles.

Did I say “secret”? Yes, there are big ones to come, still, in Part 8 and beyond. Stay tuned. I won’t take nearly as long with the notes for Part 8, I promise…