Knights of the Old Republic – War #2 notes online

Production notes and trivia for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – War #2 are now online, and there are some insights into trying to write characters who (mostly) all dress the same, as well as the fun  little connection I mentioned between a character in this series and a story from the past. (I never said it was a story from the comics. Heh!)

I also have a page on the site now for #5, depicting the final issue of the arc.

I have a new interview online today with Graphic Novel Reporter about the series and some upcoming work; for fans of my comics research, there are also some new posts about comics past and present over at The Comics Chronicles.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t recommend the Book of Sith by Daniel Wallace — I’ve read it and it’s a really fun book in a cool package. Check it out!