Lost Tribe of the Sith Collected Edition and “Secrets” revealed!

Houston — we have a cover! Or two! The official Star Wars blog has released information about my upcoming Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith: The Collected Stories, which is coming out July 31 from Del Rey. They’ve also posted the cover and description for “Secrets,” the eighth digital download in the series. Click here to see the blog post, which has the larger cover reveals!

As previously announced, the collected edition has, among other surprises, a big new novella from me, “Pandemonium.” As to when it’s set and what it’s about — the Secrets story will have a lot to say.

Secrets follows aged Varner Hilts as he seeks some way to keep the Lost Tribe from collapsing further into chaos. The free eBook will be available on  March 5 and features an excerpt from Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse, the final installment in the epic Fate of the Jedi series.

It’s going to be a mammoth of a paperback — 432 pages, bigger than Knight Errant! There will be a digital version as well, for purchase; the package will have quite a lot that is new. Pandemonium is larger than the size of four of the Lost Tribe ebooks combined— so a full third or more is new material. And there may be some other goodies.

Lost Tribe: The Collected Stories is available for preorder now from Amazon! There’s also the Kindle edition.

And don’t forget the Knights of the Old Republic: War series — issue #1 is on sale now. I’ll have notes online about it soon.

1 thought on “Lost Tribe of the Sith Collected Edition and “Secrets” revealed!”

  1. Nice! I'm glad Lost tribe of the Sith is being released as a complete book.
    I've enjoyed the different angle on Star Wars.

    It would be kinda cool if the covers from the individual books were included somehow. Or even just the artwork, so you could turn the pages and see the Lost Tribe progress.

    I thought Secrets was going to be the final part for some reason. Maybe due to the alternating 'P' and 'S' titles, which was a nice touch by the way.
    But it's good to hear there will be quite a chunk of additional content.

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