Mass Effect Invasion #2, Knight Errant Deluge #4 now on sale!

Another double-release Wednesday, with Star Wars: Knight Errant — Deluge #4 and Mass Effect: Invasion #2 on sale in shops across North America. More creepy comics goodness with Hutts and Reapers!

The Stormdrivers have come to Aquilaris, and Kerra’s all alone in trying to save her former home. Can Kerra save her friends from the literal flood? This issue’s Joe Quinones cover, you may recall, was the exclusive print from San Diego.

Meanwhile, a different plague has struck over in Mass Effect: Reaper Adjutants! Plus, what does Cerberus have in store for Omega? Check it out in this issue — with a regular cover by Massimo Carnevale and a variant cover by Paul Renaud!

A quick note — I have been alerted that retailers serviced by Diamond’s “New Memphis” warehouse may not receive Deluge #4 and some other items until next week because of a shipping problem. Ask your retailer if you don’t see it on sale.