Zayne Carrick returns in Knights of the Old Republic – War!

At Dark Horse’s retailer breakfast this morning at New York Comic Con, the publisher announced the next installment in the life of Knights of the Old Republic hero, young Zayne Carrick. Written by yours truly, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: War begins in January!

The Jan. 11, 2012 release date is almost six years after the publication of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #1 — but it’s set not long after the end of Knights of the Old Republic #50, and Zayne’s peace and quiet following that series is short-lived. He’s not a Jedi and the Mandalorians are invading — and with his homeworld of Phaeda under threat, Zayne’s luck holds true. He gets drafted! 

Troubles ahead for our peace-loving hero — and surprises galore in this story, including the return of some familiar faces. With cover art by KOTOR favorite Benjamin Carré and a variant cover by Dave WilkinsKnights of the Old Republic—War “doesn’t just mark the return of one of the most popular eras in Star Wars video games and comics,” Dark Horse says, “it is an entry point for any reader interested in Star Wars!”

It really is a true jumping-on point. If you haven’t read any KOTOR comics at all — or if you’re a regular who’s read everything — you’ll find a lot to like. (Don’t forget, there are nine KOTOR trade collections still in print — and many are available from Dark Horse digitally.) Art is from Italian artist Andrea Mutti, who drew Rage for Dark Horse. Much of the rest of the team returns, including editor Dave Marshall, colorist Michael Atiyeh, and letterer Michael Heisler.

I continue working in Kerra Holt’s time frame — Knight Errant Deluge #3 releases next week, and there’s more to come — Dark Horse also announced the next round of Knight Errant comics for 2012! I’ll let you know when I can share more details about that story — it’s a blockbuster!

But I am thrilled to return to Zayne Carrick’s adventures. War is the story I always had in mind for Zayne’s continuing adventures — and what I’ve seen of the art and the covers looks awesome. (And a tip of the series-naming hat to John Ostrander and Star Wars: Legacy, whose own War title inspired the name — John’s new Dawn of the Jedi series was announced at the breakfast, opening up a brand new era of continuity.)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: War #1 is in the retail catalog in November for January shipping— order it at your local comics shop!


10 thoughts on “Zayne Carrick returns in Knights of the Old Republic – War!”

  1. Heck yes! I just got super excited about this! My wife and I are going to pick up the first trade for KE post haste, but this is even more exciting.

    As a side note: I told my wife last night that I will buy any novel you publish. I loved KE. Super good.

  2. Thanks, Chris! The Lost Tribe of the Sith collection is out in August, with a new novella by me included.

  3. Outstanding. I'll be buying it. I have all the individual ones on Kindle, but they were free. I'll enjoy the full collection, I'm sure.

    I don't know if you ever saw any of Rogue-1-and-a-half's reviews of those in his journey through the EU thread over at TFN, but they were downright glowing, and deservedly so.

  4. Sweet!Definitely looking forward to more adventures for Zayne, Jarael and Griff. Your work on KOTOR has been one of my favorite Star Wars things since the Zahn books.

  5. Fantastic news! I'd kind of gotten off Star Wars with the exception of Knight Errant and waiting for Ostrander's Agent of the Empire, but now I'm back on with this and Dawn.

  6. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I've been waiting for a comics about the Mandalorian Wars since I first played KotOR II which was more instructive on this subject thant the first one.
    Sadly KotOR in comics, as awesome as it was, was more about Zayne and Jarael errant than the war proper.

    So if I understand well, here we'll see Zayne but the War will be the star and not the background this time?

    We'll get to see more or Revan and possibly the Exile and Canderous?

    I hope we'll continue to see charachters like Carth, Karath, Morvis…

    And more important of all I wanted to know if KotOR War will be a monthly like KotOR or more like Knight Errant? I guess it will be like KE since you continue working on it but I would like a confirmation please.

    KotOR War won't be just 5 issues like Legacy War I guess? I pray there will be multiple arc but I'm worried that we don't get an arc name for this first issue.

    Anyways thanks for this, it's gonna be legendary! Good Work JJM as always!

  7. I am psyched for this! My roommate and I had a little party when we saw this announcement go up. I have missed Zayne and friends all this time.

    Just in time, I finished a costume of one of the characters of your first arc, Q'Anilia. Now, in honor of this new comics arc, I need to get my roommate to finish her Zayne costume.

    Thanks for writing so many awesome Q'Anilia and Zayne. I am eagerly looking forward to this new series.

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